Who isn't excited on the upcoming match? That is, the Pacquiao vs Margarito live stream online coming this November 14, 2010?

First, Mayweather was attacking Mosley the entire fight. He will NOT attack Manny. However I will say that if he does he loses by knockout. Second no I don't think Mayweather will dominate, he will simply win. You look at all his fights vs volume punchers. He simply ran the entire fight. It's imo very boring. I'm all for defensive fighters, I even enjoyed alot of Mayweathers defensive fights(Fight vs Zab was very entertaining), just not when all he doesn't is circle the ring and throw pot shots.

Look at the two fighters, Pacquiao Margarito live stream, using boxing logic and throw emotion out the window and its clear who the favorite is. Manny threw 1200 punches at Clottey and only landed 250ish, and Clottey barely moved. Mayweather has better defense than Clottey and is 100% fasters. Look at there boxing styles, it would be hard for any boxing fan to pick Manny as the favorite if the fight were to ever happen.

So what are you waiting? Grab some links where you can watch Pacquiao vs Margarito online free now!

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